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Release Notes v2.6.5

  • Table views. Tables can have a lot of columns. You can even add your own through custom fields. This might result in too much data on the screen and you might end up toggling which columns you want to set as visible quite often. Table views allow you to save the current table configuration so you can easily switch between them. A table view contains info about visible columns, columns order, columns width, sort by and group by settings and also filters. Views that include filters will have an icon next to it indicating so.
  • Parts: Low stock filter added to part Filters, under the Stock field. This lists both out-of-stock and low-stock items. Non-stocking parts are ignored.
  • Custom fields: you can now add custom fields that point to some element in the app
  • Projects: the Sources column is now exported into human-readable text (instead of text representing JSON data)
  • [fix] API: IDs passed when updating data (PUT endpoints) are now correctly set
  • [fix] Update BOM pricing whenever custom quotes (price breaks) are updated
  • [fix] Editing actions on grouped rows are now disabled
  • [fix] Reorder columns on large tables: last columns couldn't be reordered
  • [fix] Shortcuts: zoom-out / decrease tables font size
  • Other small UI improvements