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Release Notes v2.5.10

  • Custom fields: you can now add custom fields pretty much to every element in the app (previously available on Parts only)
  • Filters: added to Purchasing, Suppliers and History
  • Filters: you can now filter by date
  • Calculate stock availability: previously, when a single part was used in multiple items on a BOM, stock availability was being calculated in a first-come first-served (FIFO) fashion, respecting the of the # column and without any sorting. All items are now sorted by quantity, ensuring that items that have less stock requirements are fulfilled first.
  • Notes: when the user view changes while editing notes, dialog shows up asking to confirm to save or to ignore changes
  • Import parts: generics and assets can now be imported (as long as the appropriate part Type is passed in the CSV file)
  • Purchase orders: a purchase order can be marked as Received even if some items weren't received yet
  • Purchase orders: status can be manually reverted (e.g. from Received to Ordered)
  • Storage: inventory can be removed directly from the Storage Parts table
  • Several small UI improvements
  • [fix] Filters in projects: use Part name in fuzzy-search
  • [fix] Context menu: options reflecting the previously selected item and not the current one

Custom Fields on Everything

You can now define custom fields for pretty much every element in the app. A custom field can be one of these types: string (i.e, text), number, SI value (e.g. 200mV), Date, Boolean, Option. All custom fields can be searched/filtered by directly through the app.

Filtering by Date

When filtering by a date field, you can also specify a date range, besides the other already available search modifiers (equal, less than, greater than)