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Release Notes v2.9.12

  • All unit prices or costs are now displayed with 4 decimal places
  • Purchasing: purchases orders (POs) can now be created from a purchase list (PL) without the need for all items in the PL to have a quote assigned. Purchase orders are created for all items that currently have a quote assigned. This allows you to create POs faster, not having to wait for a PL to be fully quoted. When items on a PL have been moved into a PO, they are marked as closed and displayed with a striped background for easier identification.
  • Purchasing: on purchase orders, Unit Price can now be edited (previously, only the Total Price). When editing the unit price, the total price is automatically updated according to ordered quantity. Likewise, when updating the total price the unit price is also automatically updated according to ordered quantity.
  • [fix] API: usePartAttrition not honed when creating a project build