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Release Notes v2.9.8

  • BOM: in-house parts without a project are not marked as Sub-assembly
  • Production: after consuming inventory, if the available quantity is zero and the inventory is not reserved for anything else, remove the inventory itself
  • Filters: number of filters set is displayed next to the Clear all filters button
  • History: inventory removed logs display how / where it was removed from (e.g. during production)
  • [fix] Some filters on the Parts Finder dialog not working
  • [fix] View selector not saving filters in the Production tab
  • [fix] Production: sorting by Assembled? not working as expected
  • [fix] Unsaved changes dialog popping up after saving Notes on a project revision or project build
  • [fix] Parts: when manually creating parts and changing the part's type, unset previously set fields that don't exist on the currently selected type