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Release Notes v2.12.4

  • Barcode labels can now be exported from the production availability table as well as from the production build table. These barcodes might include the quantity listed on these tables.
  • Products table now includes the custom fields for Part
  • When importing a BOM, if Rev is mapped for a part but not found on the app, it's still set on the BOM row. Even if inventory or the revision itself doesn't exist on the app by the time the BOM is imported, this makes sure the revision is enforced during production.
  • In the production build table some actions on the context-menu were moved to an Actions... sub-menu so the chances for the whole context-menu to overflow the window are lower
  • A Select all menu was added to the tables context-menu which selects all rows
  • [fix] Not able to import stock with unit of measure other than each from Suppliers and Purchase Orders
  • [fix] Chance for a double part already exists warning when importing parts
  • [fix] When editing a part, Electrical category being set by default
  • [fix] When defining a custom price break for a part with a unit of measure that belongs to the Unit category, not able to set the price "per selected unit" or "per value and select unit" (instead, the price would be set "per default unit"). For example, when entering the price for a Box-of-5, the price would be set per each if that would be the default unit of the part.
  • [fix] Manually changing Qty on a purchase order would zero planned inventory for remaining parts on it
  • [fix] Not able to set Pref. Supplier on outsourced parts