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Release Notes v2.3.11

  • Purchase orders: receive items partially.
  • Project builds: Combo-boxes in Receive and Assemble dialogs fill in one option by default. Options are also sorted by last time used (most recent to oldest). Rendering improved.
  • Tables: grouping improved.
  • API: validate hostname and notify errors.
  • [fix] Printing (Windows only)

Backordered Items on Purchase Orders

You can now partially mark items as received on a purchase order. This is useful for backordered items, when let's say you order 5000 units but only 2500 are initially available to be shipped. When receiving items, if quantity is not passed the whole quantity is assumed to be received. To mark an item as partially received, enter the quantity received. To set a partial quantity, items must be received individually (i.e. Storage method should be set to Individual instead of Single location).

Aggregated Data on Grouped Fields

When aggregating data on rows with grouped fields, the app attempts to display a unique value by default but if that's not possible an asterisk will be displayed instead. This doesn't apply to fields that have their own aggregation formula (e.g. sum, average), such as is the case of prices and quantities.