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  • BOM table now includes the Created at, Modified at, Created by, Modified by columns
  • When searching parts by value, the micro (u) and pico (p) SI prefixes are now case-insensitive
  • [fix] Chance for importing a BOM into the wrong product revision
  • [fix] Chance for a Local Workspace to be set on read-only mode in case the app starts offline
  • [fix] Unable to copy the ID column (when the setting Show IDs on tables is enabled)
  • Some minor UI improvements

  • [fix] Chance for Copy... Cell (context menu) to not copy the right values
  • [fix] Chance for part's Selling Price to be incorrectly imported (CSV). This could result in app crashing in other situations where the selling price is used (e.g. on a sales order)
  • [fix] Chance for Settings to crash after adding a custom field
  • Some minor UI improvements

This is a minor release. Minor releases introduce new features but no backward compatibility issues. Below are some of the highlights. For a more extensive listing of all the changes you can refer to the beta changelog.

This version mostly brings quality of life improvements (UX/UI) but no significant new features.

  • New table implementation: faster tables which in turn make the app also faster. Columns can now be pinned so they are always visible while scrolling horizontally. Your current table configurations won't be used with this new implementation. This means all columns will be visible by default, unsorted, ungrouped, etc. In case you use table Views (which we recommend), you can still switch back to any them after opening this app's version for the first time.
  • A light theme, particularly useful if you use the app in a very bright room, whereas in the dark theme text might be sometimes hard to read.
  • You can now open new windows for the app so you can see tables from different tabs at the same time instead of having to go back and forth.
  • The app's font size can now be adjusted through Settings - General - App font size (previously, only the tables font size could be adjusted).
  • Support for the new ENTERPRISE plan (see pricing and documentation).
  • Releases for macOS are now universal (they run natively both on Intel and ARM processors)

  • Barcode labels: when printing multiple copies of labels, print each one sequentially instead of repeating the process for the whole batch (i.e. inner loop print instead of an outer loop)
  • [fix] Chance for items in a purchase list not to be moved into a purchase order (if a Manufacturer's name contains trailing white-spaces)
  • [fix] Chance for tables to be collapsed on the details tooltip
  • [fix] Chance for table not to be reloaded when loading a new CSV file in the importer

  • When exporting barcode labels to a printer, multiple copies can now be printed
  • [fix] Wrong stock for generic parts that use other generic parts as their alternate parts (nested generic parts)
  • [fix] Production plans: when specified, looks for specific product revision when checking for missing inventory
  • [fix] Importing parts: Date code being overwritten by the last value in the CSV file
  • [fix] Importing parts: unable to import negative stock (stock bulk adjustment)
  • [fix] Unable to create production build through the Production tab (BOM not visible after creation)
  • [fix] Stock columns aggregated value incorrectly displayed as a sum
  • [fix] Chance to filter data by Stock to fail
  • [fix] Chance for not being able to remove a team member

  • Barcode labels can now include the workspace's name on the bottom right corner of the label. This option is disabled by default in Settings - Barcodes.
  • [fix] Role-based permissions: all global custom permissions disabled no matter what has been custom set

  • Other added to part categories so it can be selected when all other categories don't feel appropriate
  • Part types displayed with a colored background for easier identification on the tables
  • [fix] Chance for no unit cost nor quote error on the Pricing & Availability table even though a quote has been selected
  • [fix] Chance for caching error message (does not look like a valid storage file)
  • A few small UI/UX improvements

  • [fix] Production plans: Use attrition rate not being used when creating the production build
  • [fix] Production plans: Use alternates not being used when checking for missing inventory
  • [fix] Sales orders: items had to be removed twice to fully be removed from the table

  • [fix] Chance for allocated inventory to be listed when the product revision it refers to doesn't exist anymore
  • [fix] Chance for wrong sorting of Qty fields
  • Some small UI improvements